April 15th – Smoke in the structure @ Business Records Management

At 0716hrs a dispatch was received for Smoke in the structure at BRM on Eisenhower Blvd (a 2 story, document storage and document management warehouse).  3 Chief, Truck 3-1 and Engine 3-1 responded with a total of 9; Engine 3-3 responded with 1.  Truck 3-1 arrived and setup on the address while crews went interior to investigate. sportfogadás újság megjelenése   Engine 3-1 layed in from the hydrant to the truck. sportfogadás tippek   Crews encountered an odor in the warehouse area and found moderate smoke conditions as well.  Crews traced the smoke to a burned up motor on a compressor unit inside of the sprinkler / mechanical room.  Engine 3-3 was cancelled by 3 chief prior to arriving on scene.  It was determined that ventilation would not be effective due to the large square footage and openness of the warehouse and the mechanical room having no exterior vents.  Management decided to allow the smoke to clear naturally rather than fill the warehouse with smoke. gaminator frissítés   Crews were released at 0731hrs.

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