May 8th – Ligntning Strike

At 539pm units were dispatched to Coldren Street for a kitchen fire as a result of a lightning strike.  A neighboring department Chief was on scene reporting that there was no fire and requesting FD units cancel.  3 Assistant had units continue in to further investigate.  A FF from our department arrived and found that the resident of 200R Coldren St had a report of a stove fire.  Truck 3-1 pulled a 200 foot cross lay to the kitchen where they found an oven on fire. The truck crew removed the oven, checked for extention and vented the structure.  Engine 3-3 checked downed wires for any danger which were negative.  Engine 3-3 checked the resident of 200 Coldren St which was also struck by lightning. They found damage to the chimney and also a roof truss inside the attic was damaged. There was no fire damage to either property.   All other units were placed in service before getting on scene.

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