2023 Annual Report

Throughout this past year, members and staff have worked hard to continue the level of service that our coverage area has come to expect. The RTFD handled 946 total incidents in 2023, a decrease of 56 incidents from the previous year.

The RTFD remains devoted to providing our communities with excellent emergency service protection. At the end of July 2023, we added our 4th career firefighter position to our daylight staffing to supplement the volunteers. We now have driver and officer coverage from 7am until 6pm, seven (7) days a week. With the addition of these positions, the residents, businesses and visitors to our coverage area benefit from quicker response times during their time of need. The RTFD continues to strive to be the best that we can. Several of our members became fire service instructors in 2023, which greatly improves our training department. Several other members are on that same path for 2024.

The working relationship with our municipal governments that we serve is very important to our success and I thank them all for working hand in hand with us. We look forward to continuing our progress as we move through 2024!

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