May 5th – Chemical Leak

At 437am we were dispatched for an industrial gas alarm at Galliker Dairy. lotto zaklady online   The Chief, Deputy, Assistant, Truck 3-1, Rescue 3-1 and Engine 3-1 responded with a total staffing of 12.  While enroute an update was received reporting an alarm showing a Phase 3 active ammonia detector.
3 Deputy arrived on scene and had Engine 3-1 stage at the entrance closest to Harvey’s and had Truck 3-1 take the front doors.  Rescue 3-1 setup in the front with Truck 3-1.
Employees stated that the maintenance man had masked up and went to investigate.
3 Chief arrived on scene and took command.  3 Deputy and the crew from the truck went inside to find the maintenance man.  Once found he stated that the first reading was showing 1300 (the alarm activates at 800) and that he found nothing on his first pass through.  The area of the alarm was an outbuilding not directly connected to the plant itself. darmowe gry hazardowe na telefon   The crew then went back to the area of the alarm and did have an odor coming from this area at this time.
The head of maintenance arrived and was given our findings. Due to the fact that the readings were now below 200 since the door to that area was open and self ventilation was being done, he stated that they would look for the leak and we could secure. No odor was found inside the plant so we turned the building back over to management and the fire department secured. gry kasyno online

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